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    Read and Write error
    Hi there,
    I am experiencing issues with OS X and Vue xStream 8.5 3D package. It looks like an operating error more than a software error which is why I am posting here.

    I have gotten this error which basically 'breaks' the software in that I cannot complete many functions, the error is:

    "The temporary dir is write protected. Vue is unable to use. Please remove write protection on temp directory (/private/tmp/phillshaw/eon)"

    Any ideas on how to correct I have ran disk utility to repair permissions but that hasn't helped,

    OS X 10.6.4

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    The Fix
    Not sure what Vue is for but what you can do is get a program to show invisibles. then look for the PRIVATE folder in your main HARD DRIVE. Once you find it, copy to your desktop. When done, move the original PRIVATE folder to Trash and move the copied folder you copied to desktop back to Mainn Hard Drive. Restart computer. STILL SHOW invisibles when restarted. Then empty trash.
    the reason you copied to desktop is that all the read only files (Which is why you were having trouble) have all been changed to read and write. Now it should all go well.

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