I am trying to make an Image of my Macintosh HD for easy RESTORE in future if i have any probs. I run my business off this Powerbook G4 now and cant afford any downtime. So my question is this.. can i do it with and External USB or FIREWIRE drive? If i boot off the TIGER disk and then go to make the Image will it see the External and let me save to it? I called apple and the tech at first told me that they had never done it but didnt see any reason why i would not work! But stated that it would for sure see the External drive! So i than asked is there any one there that knows for sure cause i hate to go out and spend the money on an External firewire/usb drive if it wont work, so i was put on hold for 15mins then when tech came back was told that No!!! it will not work! was told that the only way it would work is if I had another Mac and did a Target Dismount! I dont understand why if u make another mac a Firewire drive would be any different then from using and acutaly FIREWIRE drive? So is there anyone here that has done this or know for a fact this will not work? I do not own another mac so i can not do the Target Dismount and even if i did, i find it strange the only way to make a BackUp Image is to have another mac to do so. I could have done it if i had more then one partition but i dont and i dont see any way of doing it without starting from scratch. If i did an archive adn then partitioned 2 or 3 partitions i would then wipe out the archive it made right? any how any help or info anyone has is much appricated, thanks in advance for replies.