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    Question accessing Time Machine backups from a previous computer
    On my old work computer (which I think was running 10.5), I used Time Machine to backup my files to an external hard drive before moving to a new job. (I used a Western Digital Elements drive.)

    I have connected both my personal laptop and my new work computer to the external drive and accessed files in the backups successfully since moving. Today, it shows most of the folders in my User folder on the backup drive as being locked -- I can open files that I accidentally downloaded to the top level of my UserName folder at one point, but not navigate into "Documents". The files in the other user folder on that computer (a Backup administrator user that I had created at some point) are not locked.

    When I do "Get Info" on one of the locked folders, "Sharing & Permissions" says, "You have no access". (I have administrator access on my current computer, and the Permissions shows administrator as having "Read & Write" access, but that is grayed out and above that is the line saying "You have no access").

    I recently started backing my current computer up to that same hard drive using Time Machine... I don't know if that's had some effect on those files. Any idea what I can do to access my files?

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    I'm having the same problem. My MBP is out for repairs and I'm using a rental, but I can't access any of my old folders from the Time Machine backup because they are all locked. Any idea what I can do to access my documents?

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