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    Unhappy Once again, the old problem of emptying the trash!!!
    I have a Macbook with Mac OS X 10.5.8. Since a month ago, my trash won't empty. In fact, when I right click on trash icon in the dock and choose Empty Trash, it makes the sound and the click like it has emptied the trash; but it actually has not!

    Note that I am able to empty the trash using 'rm' command in a terminal; but first, this is a pain, and second, I want to know what could have caused this problem and more importantly how I can fix it.

    Please before giving any advice read the following points.

    1. I don't get any error message when I try emptying the trash.

    2. The problem is not with the specific files in the trash. I have tried it with many different files.

    3. The files are not in use.

    4. The option (alt) key won't help.

    5. I check the permissions on the .trash folder and everything is fine (I have read/write permission).

    6. I tried "repair permission" in disk utility and it did not help.

    7. Finally remember that I can delete the files in trash using 'rm' command in a terminal, but I want to be able to empty the trash using "Empty Trash" button.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    I wonder if the system user interface encompasses Trash. I know it affects the Menu. You could try "rebuilding" the systemui plist file. I can't remember the exact name. It's in your Home/Library/Preferences Folder.

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