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    Question How do i EXPORT/SAVE my bookmarks in Safari...
    I'm trying to back up all my stuff, im going to do Install TIGER morrow morn when UPS comes and do a CLEAN install wipe everything out and install so i have everything backed up except my BOOKMARKs is there a way to export them or same them in Safari? Im very new to mac's but i know how to do it on WINDOWs any help is much appricated. thank you.

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    Safari > File > Export bookmarks. Save to any folder you wish then back up to CD.
    Backing up your whole user Library folder will save them all too ie. Safari > Bookmarks plist. plus all your mail etc. Always a good idea. :-)
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    Thank you for the Reply.... but the Safari > File > Export bookmarks DOES NOT EXIST!! or at least its not on my Safari > File menu

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    You should be backing up your home folder. That is where every thing user specific is. Settings and such.

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