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    Cool Securing / restricting user access on a Mac within a Windows network?
    How do I secure a Mac workstation for a particular user such that:

    1. User can not mount USB drives or external storage (however USB is needed for other peripheral devices)

    2. Have network shares that are mounted for the user, and force user to save files on those shares and not local drives.

    3. Disable user from burning to CD / DVD. (I see this in parental controls, but want to make sure there is no way to bypass it)

    4. Wifi / airport is disabled, and user can not reactivate. Wired connection should be available and working.

    5. Disable access to specified applications (or allow access ONLY to specified applications) (I also see this in parental controls, and want to confirm there is no way for user to bypass this).

    Please note, that I'm a recent convert to Mac (this year) and am still learning my way around. I'm helping someone with a project, where unfortunately, they are forced into a mixed environment because of the application server requiring Windows, and of course, cost reasons.

    If you have any other links / resources / thoughts about placing a Mac on a Windows domain, please let me know.


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