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    help reading dvd burnt on PC, on my new powerbook OsX 10.4
    Have an external DVD burnter from Iomega which is supposed to be compatible with mac's and pc's.
    Burnt a bunch of DVD's of my photographs with this burner and it works fine with my pc....but disk will not register on my mac at all.
    I called Iomega and they said I need a pc to mac translation software...which sounds very in-depth.
    I thought my mac could read everything pc (disk wise) and hate to add that sort of extra software....
    I was told to
    just search for PC file translation software
    Can anyone help me with this? Recommend a place online to get it? Is it free? Will it effect the normal workings of my mac?

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    if the files are standard image files you do not need such programs, and it should work when you put the dvd in you mac... what types of files are you using on the dvd?
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    Is it DVD+R(W) media? Depending on your OS version that could be the issue.

    Are you using the Iogega tools to burn with or Nero or Roxio?

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    May 02, 2005
    So I have taken this problem to mac techs and they are stumped....seems the dvd works just fine on all other mac ibooks and desktops as well as older powerbooks....but on the brand new powerbooks, it does not work.
    I have tried top quality DVD's and it improved the situaton as the high end DVD's will register, but transfers still error.
    It is very wierd that this DVD works on all mac drives except for the new DVD's on the powerbook

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    I have a problem similar to this.
    I've burnt some DVDs with .avi files on my PC (I don't have a DVD burner on my mac) and some of the disks work on the mac, some of them don't, and just get spat back out, or are left unread.
    I can't see the problem as all the files are roughly the same size and all are .avi.
    It is rather frustrating, so I'm going to get someone to have a look at it for me, see whether the problem lies in my DVD player, or my DVD. (DVD works fine on all my PCs)

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