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    VLC icon and others not showing in dock when open?

    Hey guys im a first time poster on this forum.

    I've recently returned to Mac after having a macbook around 2004. The macbook screen went to **** on me and due to lack of sufficient money I went with a compaq laptop. This computer lasted me a year and started to **** on me. Since I needed an computer for the office to work on i decided to go with the

    iMac 27". I went with the 3.06 Intel Core 2 Duo with the factory 4 GB of ram.


    Running the 10.6.4 version of OSX

    When my computer is running VLC Media Player the VLC cone icon does not show in the program bar at the bottom.

    Also when Chrome or iTunes are open they show in the dock (im assuming because i have them locked in the dock) but they do not have the dot below them that indicates that the program is open.

    This is very annoying because this makes it so that the dock wont disappear when using certain full screen functions like vlc movie watching, and print preview ect. ect.

    has anyone experienced this. Does anyone have any idea about a possible fix?

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    Try this...

    Create another account on your computer please, (Apple> preferences >accounts> hit the plus sign, and create. You can just call it Test or even Delete Me and log into that, and open up an application which does not have the dot under it in your regular account, and see if it works in this test account.

    depending on what your results are, we can move forward.

    Mitul "Mike" Patel
    Apple Hardware and Software Certified
    Apple Authorized Service Provider
    Apple iOS developer

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