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    Installing appliations on a MAC..Question
    HI, When installing applications on a MAC, how does it differ from a Windows install. I know when installing applications under Windows, it writes to the registry, as well as a bunch of other places. I'm trying to understand how it works in a MAC. If I install Dreamweaver for exmple, and then change my mind and drag this folder to the trash. is it completly removed from the system, or are there dreamweaver files written elsewhere that I need to remove to get it 100% off the system?


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    Most applications install in two ways (1) there's an integrated installer in the download that puts the app and relevant documents into a subfolder within the Applications folder. (2) You unpack the download and drag the app into the Applications folder or a self-made subfolder yourself. Once you've done either of these you can trash the download folders or 'drives'. Uninstalling is usually the reverse. Just drag the app or its folder to the trash. There is NO REGISTRY on a mac, unlike Windows. If you're concerned about remnants floating around, do a search, find the little buggers, and drag them to the trash, as well.

    Some apps like Norton A/V for Mac are a hot topic around here because they are not this simple, but most apps are.

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    For the most part badmojo is correct.

    There are however some applications that create startup items or preference panes or have application support files and cache files that still remain.

    Demo's will often place a file on the HD so they expire correctly and can't be reused.

    And there's always the user prefs.

    Some apps will edit system files with a string of text that runs as a service.

    Some apps come with uninstallers so using them is not a bad idea. So have read me files that explain the best way to get rid of them. And yes, some you just drag to the trash.

    But completely getting rid of an app involves usually a bit more.

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