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Thread: Emac blues

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    Question Emac blues
    My EMAC starts up goes though the process of booting up.
    The gray screen with the apple shows and the timer goes around and around, but I get a blue screen( no desk top items are showing) with just the mouse showing after the apple screen .
    I can move the mouse around, but that is it.
    The EMAC seems to boot up alright goes through all the steps, but when the blue screen appears that is it.
    Do you have any ideas?
    Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    What started this was I was working in classic. I was using my slide scanner in Photoshop. I switched over to 10.
    When it went into ten I noticed that the screen resolution was set at factory settings and I had only the programs that came with the computer on the desktop bar. So I shut down and rebooted, but I get a blue screen now and I cant open the CD drive door.

    Basically I cant do anything with the MAC exept turn the thing on and look at a blue screen
    The MAC has run perfect until today!
    Any ideas?

    Any info would be great!!!

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    Please do no double post. I delete your other post.

    Sorry, I don't have a solution for you...
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