This is an Xserve problem that is having trouble deploying files over a network set up using work group manager.

Before I'm told to check permissions, I've done it.

I have a mounted drive situated on the dock for all users to access images. Share and permissions have all been set correctly so the users can access the image files through the doc and navigate to their folder to gain access to their images.

User logging on to the network are presented with a dock with a mounted drive. When the drive is activated a list of folder appear that the user chooses from.

Within the folder are the image files.

Only some of the images are being displayed as thumbnails through finder. The majority of the image files display the JPG blank icon.
Double clicking on the image files that are displayed as thumbnails activates the Preview image display and displays the correct image.
Double clicking the image files that has no thumbnail gives the message: IMG_No Couldn't open the file. It may be corrupted or a file format that preview doesn't recognize.

On checking other users logins it appears it is happening with the same files.

I've tried resizing the resolution of the images to see if the size of the file has something to do with it as 15 user are all trying to access the files at the same time. 10 MegPix images resized by 87% to less than 1 MB. Still the problem persists with exactly the same files.

I have tried having the users login as a local machine and connecting to the server manually to see if the images display and there is no problem. All the FULL resolution 10 MPix images appear with no problems at all, all at the same time.

So I guess I'm asking, is there a quota setting on the amount of data that is transfered from the server to a user that could be causing this problem, other than the quota thats available when the user is created (which is always left blank so no restrictions apply)?

Settings on the File Sharing are Full Read and Full Inheritance.

Any ideas would be great please.