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    Late 2008 2.5 ghz MBP MB134LL
    Late 2008 Pro freezes, cursor disappears, forefox crashes
    Hi there,

    I have a 2.5 ghz macbook pro late 2008 model, so the latest version before the unibody. Ever since I installed Snow Leopard (or so I think), my macbook freezes constantly, in the most extreme case perhaps 10 times a day.

    What does it do? So I'm browsing through Firefox, when all of a sudden my cursor disappears, or my cursor just freezes. The computer still seems to be working, since the internet radio is still playing. However, I cannot do anything anymore. Since there is no cursor, I cannot type or navigate. It's also impossible to change to another program or try and force stop the application. Keyboard shortcuts no longer work. The only thing left to do is power off the macbook and start over.

    This also happens in Word and some other programs. Sometimes there's an extra bug when it seems the macbook just repeats the latest command, for example typing a letter just ends up in a constant repetition of this letter (aaaaaaaa..).

    Often I'm only using Firefox, Finder and perhaps Word so there's no overload (I have 4 gb internal memory installed).

    Someone recognizes this problem and perhaps have a solution? Otherwise I'm inclined to send my macbook back but then I will be parting with it for more than a week...


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    I have the same model MBP as you and I've bee running SL since it came out last yr. The problem isn't with SL.
    What you should do first is run Verify Permissions and, if necessary, Repair Permissions in Disk Utility. Finder>Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility
    Also Verify Disk and, if necessary, Repair Disk in Disk Utility. See if that doesn't help with your issues. Please report back afterwards.
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Jul 30, 2010
    Late 2008 2.5 ghz MBP MB134LL
    Thank you for your reply. I did just as you ordered and found irregularities in the permissions, and fixed them. Repair disk was not necessary.

    However, after rebooting my MBP I still had some problems. My MBP just freezed again.

    I only had Firefox running 9 tabs among which mixcloud streaming music. No other program was active before the freeze.

    Any other solutions I might try? it's getting a bit frustrating.

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