Hello all,

I have this weird connection problem between one of my Leopard workstations (an Intel iMac, to be specific) and a Tiger server. Let me explain...

When the Leopard machine boots up and the desktop appears, I select "Go -> Network". I click on the name of the server in the left pane and I see several shares (all via AFP). When I click on any of them, Finder almost seems to freeze - I have to sit and wait (sometimes minutes) before the contents of the share appear in the file and folder pane, and an alias to the share appears on my desktop.

During the wait, I see "Connected as:" with the username, and that's about it.

Wondering if it had something to do with name resolution, I tried "Go -> Connect to Server" and typed in the IP address (it's a subnet). The problem is, I get the same delay.

Once the contents pop up in Finder, the alias finally appears on the desktop and I can enter any directory I need to, all with no delays (with amazing speed, actually). I can enter other shares, at this point, with no problems. If the Finder is closed before the connection ultimately succeeds, well sometimes it takes a reboot to get it to connect. Once connected, I can close Finder and re-open it with no delay at all.

If I reboot, I'm back to square one.

I've also tried forcing the NIC from 1000 Mbps to 100 Mbps, with no change. I've checked the system log, scanned through dmesg output... and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Wondering if it was the NIC at fault, I have also fired up Safari immediately after a reboot. I can browse the web without difficulty. In fact I can check mail with no problem... all while Finder is trying to display this particular network share.

I need to mention a few details. One, I inherited management of this network (one 10.4 server, less than 20 workstations) and found that while the server is a central point for file sharing, it is not doing any centralized authentication (they are working in a strict peer to peer mode). All the machines have static IP addresses - none of which overlap.

Another thing worth mention is that the user's local account name and account name on the server don't match. It's like the local account name is "joe" and the account on the server he's using to connect is "bob".

Could his keychain be handing out the wrong credentials to the server?

And lastly, the server, a 10.4 PowerPC Mac, isn't logging AFP connections, and the option doesn't appear to be in the NetInfo Manager, so I don't have logs to go by.

On a side note, this setup will be changing in the next month or two (the server will be replaced with a new 10.6 server that will be handling authentication to the workstations), but I have to get these users by until then.

Help is greatly appreciated!