I have searched diligently in these forums and found others with the same issue, but no real resolution. Certain websites will not load anymore; they time out every single time. Hotmail, Chase Banking, etc. DNS is not the issue, as the other Macs and one PC in the house work fine. Same with router, it is a WRT54GL from LinkSYS, consistently good reviews and the other computers in the house work fine. Upgraded the firmware, just in case, same issue.

Tried Firefox and Chrome, same issue. Plug into new DSL modem directly, no problem. Whether plugged in or Airport to wireless router from just this Mac, no go.

I am at the point that I am going to restore the Mac to original and/or buy a new router, but I find that ridiculous for a setup that works for the other 4 computers in the house and a brand-new Mac. Any ideas?