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Thread: Permissions on hard disks

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    Permissions on hard disks
    Hello all. i am new to the board, quite a vast amount of information on macs. this is an awesome resource tool. i have a problem and hope someone can help me out here.

    I accidentally changed the permissions on my start up disk to 'no access' [freakin scroller on my mouse!] *()#@!!

    as soon as this hapenned the finder 'refreshed' and remained blank? i cannot seem to reboot. The system 'boots' fine but once loaded, the 'desktop' does not appear. it just 'hangs'.

    I 'can' boot off any of my startup disks i.e software/system and see my 'start up' drive as well as my secondary one, all 'intact'.

    This is really frustrating, can anyone help?

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    Restart hold Apple C with instal CD in the CD drive and select repair disc option (this is what I would do) You might also try restart with Apple S (single user terminal) and there type /sbin/fsck -fy

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