I am trying to install OS 10.4 from a dvd. The computer is a 1.5ghz PowerBook G4 with 768mb ram.

I have been using this computer for light internet browsing and text editing for about a week.

Last week, when I tried to start it up, a flashing question mark folder appeared.

I booted from the 10.4 dvd so I could attempt to repair the hard drive, but it wasn't even recognizing the hard drive.

I opened up the PowerBook and replaced the hard drive. ( I hooked the malfunctioning drive up to my desktop, which didn't recognize it either).

The replacement hard drive was recognized by the computer so I partitioned it and started the install. At 48% of the second stage, it suddenly stops the install and says that there were "errors installing the software", and to "restart and try to install it again".

I have tried to install it four times now, and it always stops at 48% and tells me about the errors.

Could this be a problem with the laptop? Possibly corrupt files on the install disc? I burned the dvd at lowest possible speed. (I don't consider this pirating since my mother previously purchased the mac OS 10.4 and lost the install discs.) Plus, I cbf'd to try to find one for purchase. The only 10.4 discs I can find online are $100+ and through shady third party resellers.

What options do I have here for getting this computer to run again? I tried Ubuntu, but it ran like 9000 degrees constantly and I'm afraid it will catch fire.

I really would just like to have a clean install of 10.4 on my new hard drive. Any suggestions or help or advice from someone who has gone through a similar problem (or anyone period) would be ridiculously appreciated.