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    Smile Desktop Wallpaper File
    I am new to OSX and would like to know what the name of the file is that displays the current desktop wallpaper. Ill explain, I have used a photograph that I have taken as desktop wallpaper and then inadvertently deleted it by mistake. The wallpaper still shows the photograph and I wondered if OSX had made a copy that it was using for wallpaper display.

    Is this the case and is there any un-delete function on OSX ?


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    The system desktops are in the hard drive library but user desktops are usually in your own picture folder.

    You will be able to find it in User > Library > Caches > Desktops but it's not in a format you can use. Maybe someone knows how to help you with that.

    If not you could get a copy of your desktop using 'Grab' > Applications > Utilities.
    There are keyboard shortcuts to copy the screen too. Apple key shift 3 will copy the desk top pdf in Panther, png in Tiger. Apple shift 4 allows you to draw around anything on the screen to copy, + curser

    Undelete is a bit difficult if you have emptied your Trash :-(
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    hmmm... the only way I can think of to get that picture back is push F11 to hide all your windows, and hide your icons, and hit command-shif-4 and select the part of the picture you would like to save (everything but the menu bar) or hit command shift 3 and it will work by capturing the whole screen.
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