I have a WD 1TB external HD.....I just sold my MacpowerPC G5 tower which runs on Mac OS X 10.4.1 and I want to keep my old computer in tact to access on new computer and when time allows tranferr over programs and such....I want to back up the entire systym onto the external HD and be able to move my data from external HD to new mac when I purchase with all programs and files intact like I never moved...Is that possible?

I want to
go from Old Mac to External HD to New Mac....
When I move to new mac I want to be able to simple pick and choose what I want to move onto new Mac HD and option of booting from external HD.

Optional Information:
Computer OS: Mac OS X
Browser: Safari

Also my main concern is getting my programs working on new machine with out having to reinstall or enter serials - lost install disks!!!!

Already Tried:
just researching at moment - need advise!