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Thread: file vault help

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    file vault help
    I used file vault to encrypt my hard drive a few months later i tried to log into my mac book pro and file vault did not recognize my password. in order to still use my laptop i made a new account. i would like to know is there a way to recover my data from the the other account because it still shows up as used space on my hard drive?

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    No way unless you remember the correct password. File vault is a two way sword.... unfortunately, most times the sword winds up against you. My advice: Don't use it.


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    The OP indicates that he believes he DOES know the password.

    It's also possible that filevault has corrupted the password itself (seen that happen).

    This is why I never recommend it. Once the password no longer works -- for whatever reason -- you're boned and all that data is irretrievable.

    An encrypted disk image for your porn -- I mean, the few files you need to have secure -- is a much better solution for anyone other than CIA operatives.

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