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    Unable to connect to Wireless network
    HI, I just powered up my new Powerbook for the first time and it finds my wireless network and is asking for a password. Do they mean paraphrase? Also, no matter what I put in, it barks back as the password being incorrect.

    The wireless network is fine as I have three other PC's on it.


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    What type of router is it. I assume it's not an Airport.

    It's probably using WEP encryption. Depending on whether it's 64 bit or 128 bit will determine the legnth of the password. It will be either 10(64bit) or 25(128bit) hexadecimal characters. I would recomend 64bit. Unless you're CIA or something. All this info will be stored in the router. Most likely there is a web frontend for an interface.

    When you enter the password into the PB use the dropdown to select WEP not passphrase(Airport only). Enter the hexadecimal as it appears in the router.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am using a Belking Pre-N. That might be the problem, I was using the paraphrase, but not the hexidecimal. I wil have a chance to try this later today.


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