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    Hey all! Quick question:

    So I've used Time Machine in the past to restore a system on my wife's Macbook bit for bit after installing a new hard drive using this article:
    The Secret of the Time Machine-Assisted Hard Drive Swap

    However, I am about to install a new hard drive in my Macbook Pro, but also would like to upgrade to OS 10.6 at the same time. Does anyone know whether, if I boot from the OS 10.6 disc after installing the new hard drive, and then restore my system from Time Machine (even though my Time Machine backups were from OS 10.5) whether the new hard drive will be restored with 10.5 or 10.6?

    I'd like to just do everything in one fail swoop, so it would be ideal if it would work this way.


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    It should work that way, there may be some oddities but those can be fixed by reinstalling the OS (Not erasing your user data, just replacing the OS with clean version) or by running the most recent combo updater.
    Issues with restoring a Mac from a Time Machine backup made on a different machine | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews
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    This will work - I just did it with the wife's machine. I did a TM backup prior to the SL update and then presto it restored everything just perfect. I actually moved her from Tiger to Leopard to SLeopard in one day. It took a few days to settle things down but it was working as expected.

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