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    Dual boot on a new PoweBook
    HI, I just picked up a PowerBook. I need to be able to dual boot to both Panther and Tiger. I am very new to MAC's and could use the help on how to do this.


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    First,...If you have an external HD this will be painless. If not it's just a lot more work. Assuming you have an ex-HD follow these steps.

    Done at your own disk of losing data!!

    Use Disk Utility to "restore" your boot volume to the EX-HD. Do a test and try to boot to the EX-HD by changing your startup disk pref. In order for this to work as planned you need to know the used space of the boot volume currently.

    Boot to the Tiger DVD and when the install starts, launch Disk Utility off the cd. Use it to partition the HD into 2 partitions keeping in mind that you're bringing the old image back to one of them. Install Tiger on the partition that remains.

    When booted to Tiger use Disk Utility to "restore" the EX-HD to to new partion designated for Panther.

    If you don't have an EX-HD you can back up your data and settings to cd-DVD and just reload both. The EX-HD will allow you to avoid reloading everything on at least one partition.

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