I have a problem understanding how the Python installations on my Macbook are working.

When I run Python programs from Terminal window, they are using this Python:

When I type "which python" it shows:

When I run Python scripts in browser (.py scripts) the errors show that Apache is trying to use this python:

By the above, you would have realised that I have MAMP installed.
I have also installed SPMPT on top of MAMP (this installs the mod_python for MAMP and also comes with its own python)

So, my question is, whats going on here? and How can I easily tell Apache which Python to use while executing Python scripts in browser and visa versa, how can I configure Terminal and tell it to use a specific Python installation on my computer.

My ideal solution would be, terminal start using the same python that my Apache is using.

Looking forward to your answers.