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    Safari on iMac G5 running slow, iMac running hot

    I've had my iMac for 4+ years and haven't any problems I couldn't fix on my own until now....

    Machine is an iMac G5 with all original hardware except an extra 2GB of memory (for a total of 2.5). Over the last couple of months, my web browsers have begun to run slower and slower (mainly Safari, but I also use Firefox). Also the processor fan (I believe) comes on more quickly and frequently. It is now to the point that anytime there are any imbedded graphics, whether it's a youtube video, or a weather radar loop, or my kids are on webkinz, the fan kicks in and the top left corner gets extremely hot to the touch. As soon as I leave the page or close out the browser, the fan dies down. I cannot run any of these sites optimally. I am also getting quite a few page loading errors in Safari such as "Safari can't find the server." However, when I hit refresh the page comes right up. There does not seem to be a pattern to these messages. This only seems (so far) to be an issue with the browers. Today I simultaneously played a DVD, played songs on iTunes, and work in MS Word. No fan...

    Here's what I've done so far:

    Repaired disk permissions
    Ran the extended hardware test (passed, no errors)
    Ran diagnostics on my network connection (passed)
    Reset Safari and Firefox incl. clearing the cache and deleting all cookies
    Ran cleaning and maintenance w/ OnyX

    Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated!


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    Have you opened up your iMac and gave it a good cleaning?

    If not...this has worked for others...and it's a very low cost activity.


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    Well, I just attempted to open it up...but it's the iSight imac and it didn't seem to be very conducive to being opened. I'm not worried about voiding the warranty (it's expired), but I don't want to damage anything...I've tried searching for ways to open it, but have yet to come across something helpful...

    How would that relate to all the Safari page loading errors?



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