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    Unhappy Trouble logging in on iMac
    Hi Apple fans,

    Hope someone can help me out. I have trouble logging in to my iMac. After entering my password I see a blue screen, then the Apple screen with the stars and then the login process stops and returns to the inital login screen. I am 100% sure I have the correct password. I am a bit stressed about this issue because now I can not get to my files and photos Especially the thought of losing all my photos is causing sleepless nights. So I hope someone can give me some advice on what to do.

    I have tried finding an answer on the support pages from Apple, and think I need to do something with the installation DVD and removing a profile. And there is my bad luck, I must have stored to good to be found, but I don't have the installation dvd which belongs to my iMac. Hope you understand the trouble I am in. Do you know if and how I can get a new installation dvd? Or do you know any other means to solve the login issue?

    I would be very very grateful to anyone who can give me some advice. As you understand from this message I am not so familiar with troubleshooting or computer issues. That was exactly the reason why I choose Apple after years of struggling with Windows computers. Hope this is a one off issue with a great solution from one of you.

    Many thanks for reading this.


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    No need to be stressed out. However, in order to do any kind of trouble shooting for your iMac you really need the original install DVD. It would have helped if you provided us with some info about your iMac (year, model) and which operating system is installed (Leopard, Snow Leopard).

    There are several ways to obtain another install DVD, but the best way may be to call Apple customer support, give them your exact model number of the iMac and ask them to send you another DVD set. (The sets are specific by model.) They will probably charge you for the replacements. I'm assuming you have an Intel iMac which means you can also go into any Best Buy store or Apple store and purchase a retail copy of Snow Leopard for $29.99. That DVD can be used to do the trouble shooting.

    A hint about storing photos: I always recommend that valuable and irreplaceable photos be copied to a permanent media source rather than only be stored on a hard drive. A good place to store photos would be on quality DVD media.

    Let us know.


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