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    Mouting an NTFS drive
    It seems that my MacBook is not recognizing my NTFS partition properly.
    By default, I quite aware that it should at least be on read-only mode for NTFS drives but under Finder there is only the Mac drive and iDisk, which I believe is a virtual system for Apple mobile devices.

    I went to Disk Utility to check out the NTFS partition, the one I installed my Windows 7 on, but it says the format is in "MS-DOS(FAT)" whereas I clearly see it shows as NTFS on Windows 7.
    There are a lot of files over 4.00GB stored on that drive, so that should prove that it's not clearly formatted in FAT system. I've tried to mount with the button on the top but it is unresponsive. A simple, grayed-out animation to show it's been clicked is all I get.

    So then I tried to verify the disk and it fails as follows:

    Verifying volume “disk0s3”
    ** /dev/disk0s3
    Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block: fcfcfc
    Error: This disk needs to be repaired. Click Repair Disk.

    I clicked on Repair Disk and it fails returning the same error message.
    I'm only using one physical hard disk where it has 4 partitions. Both Mac OSX and Windows 7 reserved a small portion as a partition each and both OS has its own partition for the usage.

    However, I only see two partitions being displayed on the Disk Utility but probably because two of them are hidden as it is not used by end users.

    I'm using MacBook Pro i7 15". Being an Intel Mac, it is a 64-bit system and it's running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
    Window has not been modified and it is a genuine product I bought directly from Amazon first party.

    EDIT: I've also tried installing any NTFS drivers such as Paragon's NTFS for Mac and NTFS-3G (MacFUSE), but it seems that NTFS drivers are not the issue.

    I have searched the internet for hours and have not found a solution.
    It is very crucial for me to have an access to the drive and I'm kindly asking the experts of Mac community for help.

    Thanks for everything in advance.

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    Have you run CHKDSK on the problematic partitions from within Windows?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
    Have you run CHKDSK on the problematic partitions from within Windows?
    Yes from scheduled during the boot with repair options included.
    Still no luck ...

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    Anyone please?

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