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    Ghost icon 'S' in menu bar
    Hi guys,

    this is a complete mystery to me. I installed some software about two years ago which I forget the name of, and after removing it on the same day, I have never been able to get rid of a little icon in the menu bar which automatically drops onto it every time I start up the computer, and I can't do anything with it. It's just like a ghost image. I can't command-click drag it, right click it, etc. I have checked through my coreservices menu extras folder - image attached - and can't find anything there that could be bringing it up. I am fed up looking at it now, and would love it to disappear.

    Any ideas?

    Images attaches show you what it looks like. It seems to be translucent.
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    That icon doesn't strike a bell with me, however, have you looked in your login items to see if anything is loading on startup?

    System Preferences -> Accounts -> Your account name, "Login Items" tab.

    If you should spot something there that shouldn't be there, highlight it and then press the small minus button at the bottom of the dialog to get rid of it.

    If it's not showing up in "Login Items", open your "Activity Monitor" app from Applications, Utilities, to see if you can track it down from there.


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