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    Question after headphones no audio and red light?
    For some reason I plugged my friends cheap headphone into my Macbook… to listen to some music on a train….

    And now after I pulled out the headphones, a red light is lighting up n the headphone plug…

    With that light on, I cannot play any sound on my macbook (without the headphones)

    Is their a keystroke combination I need to use or something I tried turning the volume ot the Mac, restart, shutdown and start up again… pulled out the battery and all!

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    Reinsert the headphone jack into the audio port a couple of times to free it up. That should do the trick.
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    Didnt work

    i still got this problem! lol i didnt really look much into it, i just whipped out another laptop with audio

    But now i want to use my Macbook

    What am i to do!

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    There is a old trick, but USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, Its always recommended to take it to the Apple Store or to an Apple Authorized Service Provider... I take no responsibility for you doing this, but heres go anyway...

    Take a match stick gently stick it in and push gently to the back to hit the re-set switch. you may need to get flash light just so you know where the little pin looking switch is, buts IT IS in there... all the way in the back, once you hit it, it should turn that light off, and the audio should start coming out your speakers again, once you start playing something.

    This seems to be a common problem with MB, and MBPs and have done this lots of times, and again, cant stress enough, be careful, doit at your own risk, and if you feel uncomfortable, take it to a pro please.

    Let me know how it works out.
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    Red Light
    Put headphones back in and play some sound through them. Stop the sound and open System Prefs. Go to output and play more sound then unplug headphones. It should switch back to normal and play sound and turn off the red light.

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