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Thread: Different Users - Password Login Question

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    Different Users - Password Login Question
    Hey everyone. So i have looked a lot of places for the awnser to this but have gotten a mix of differnt ones.

    I am wondering if there is a way to make it so the User accounts on my macbook pro work like this:

    Lets say i am logged into my Admin account. It is password protected. I close my laptop, not log out just shut it.

    When you open it, it prompts for the password to the account it was logged into when it was closed.

    Say that someone else who has an account on the computer wanted to use it, could they in any way access their user account with out first, entering the password in for the account it was left on?

    I dont know if this all makes sense, but just seeing if anyone can give me an answer. thanks

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    Go into System Preferences - Accounts - you'll need to click the lock to make changes and put in your password

    Click on the Login Options on the left side

    Change the 'Display login window as:' to 'Name and password' - may not have to do this one, that's just the way I have mine set up - edit: you don't, I just checked it out.

    This is the one you have to do - Put a checkmark next to 'Show fast user switching menu as:' - I prefer icon

    Now when you wake from sleep, you'll have the fast user switching icon that can be selected - it'll rotate to a new window so that a new user can log in leaving the previous users account still in sleep mode.
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    In the box that asks for the user password, there is an option at the bottom that says "Switch User". Click that and the Login screen with all your user accounts will appear and you can choose whichever one you want to use. No one can shut down your computer unless they too have an administrator password.

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