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    Can I tell if someone has bypassed my password and/or downloaded files from harddrive

    I am a little suspicious that someone has been on my mac and looked at or downloaded files or a large amount off my hard drive?

    I have the password set up.

    Is their anyway to find out?

    And anyway to prevent it from happening again?

    Thank you,

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    What makes you suspect your machines been compromised?

    If someone has physically been on your mac and successfully accessed it the most likely scenario is that they new your password.

    1. Change your password to something very secure
    2. Physically restrict access to your mac

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    If someone just looked at your files or downloaded them when they have physical access to your machine, they have your password and you can't tell what files were looked at/downloaded.

    If you're suspecting a remote issue..what makes you think this has happened??


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