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    Unhappy VPN over Wifi issue
    Hi all,

    I have a PPTP VPN service , when I connect my computer directly to the modem and connect to my VPN service it works fine with no problem at all, I have tested it.


    when I try to connect to the internet through my Belkin wireless router I get connected to the VPN service , it says authenticating and connecting and connected and all that and shows that I am connected , but it doesn't work for some reason, and when i try to visit a site nothing comes up, as if i am not connected to the internet.

    When I disconnect the VPN I can visit the websites again through the wifi ,so it is not the wireless router issue.

    Before you say Google it , I did Google it , and I got some articles but none of them helped,

    and also in the Advance window in the VPN configuration , I enabled route all connections through VPN, and also enabled Verbose logging ,

    Can somebody please help me out here , ??

    thanks in advance,

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    not a router issue
    Also I have tried the same vpn service on a Linux ubuntu and a Windows 7 machine, it works fine over the wifi , so I believe it is not the router issue ,

    but some problem with OSX

    is there any settings I can enable or disable to solve this problem??

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    If you're routing all connections through your VPN tunnel, is it perhaps just an internet issue on the other end of the connection?

    Or maybe it's a DNS problem: have you tried checking to see if you can access a site by IP address directly?

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