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    Adding to OSX desktop dock...
    OSX 3.9: Is there a way to put my 'user' icon (leading to all my document/music/image files) into the desktop dock, for faster access, rather than having to click on the Macintosh HD icon on my desktop (top right) and going through that way? I tried to 'drag' the user 'house' icon to the dock but with no success. Thanks.

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    Just go to your Finder preferences. On the General tab, where it says, "New Finder window opens..." just select 'Home' from the drop down.
    That way, whenever you click on Finder in the Dock it will open to your Home folder. :black:
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    Alternatively you could just drag your home folder into the right hand side of the dock.
    Make sure you don't drag it from the sidebar (the left strip in a finder window) though, you need to drag from the main finder window area.

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