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    Unhappy Uh Oh... Disk Utility RAID Repair?
    1st Gen. Mac Pro wouldn't boot this morning. 2-drive Disk Utility (v11.1) mirrored RAID pair is degraded according to DU.

    Running 10.5.8 (until today) on two identical Seagate ST3750330AS 750 Gb SATA drives.

    Trying to get the intact RAID member to serve as a Restore source, I repartitioned the degraded drive.

    Now the other drive (I wanted to Restore from) won't mount nor is it visible in DU.

    Is there some Terminal magic I can use to get it to a mountable condition?

    I have a utility called Data Rescue II on my maintenance drive but that won't see the unmounted drive either, nor will DiskWarrior.

    Is there any recourse to get the intact but now solo RAID drive working so I can "clone" it to another disk?

    It doesn't appear in DW, DU, or any other utility I have for disk maintenance, or the System Profiler either. If I move it from one internal mount slot to another, the description in System Profiler moves with it, and is identical to that of the two processors in this Mac Pro.

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    When i was trying to sort a Mac Pro i found that the lower disk had to be the first in the Raid set up otherwise it would not set up. Could that be the issue? If just one HD it has to be in the lower slider.

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