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Thread: Bye Bye OS 9

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    Bye Bye OS 9
    I am ready to get rid of all my OS 9 junk. I bought my Mac when they still shipped 9 with Jaguar, and hopefully I will be upgrading to Panther in the near future and I want to free up some room on my HD and get rid of everything from OS9. Is this a bad idea? I haven't used it in AGES and none of my apps are using it... if it's not a bad idea, how should I go about doing it effectively?


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    Nope, you can do this and feel safe. The only problem is, you won't have classic AT ALL. So if yo delete your OS9 stuff, you will not be able to use any OS9/Classic stuff. I would hold onto 9 for a while. It only takes up like 800MB or something, and is a life saver when you run into legacy apps.

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    okay - great! I didn't know it was such a small file. Thanks for the advice!!

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