So recently I had my hard drive fail on me, but I wasn't worried because the computer is under warranty and I had my trusty time machine back up, or so I thought. I have two users on my computer, the administrative account was backed up and restored properly. My 2nd user was not restored at all. When I first got my computer back it started up like it was the first time snow leopard has been run on the computer. It asked if I wanted to restore from time machine backup, I clicked yes. Then it gives you the option not to restore everything, I left it how it was, set up to restore everything on both users. Only it didn't restore both users.

I just looked, and when I am logged in as user #2 time machine has no backups older than today. User #2 is also missing from the users folder in time machine. But when I am logged in to the administrative account, I can enter time machine and see user #2 in the users folder, but don't have permission to view any files. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing? lol

edit: Well, the only place I can see user #2 is the current folder in time machine, no trace of user #2 in any of the back ups. It looks as though user #2 was never being backed up. I never told time machine not to back up user #2. Wtf is going on here!?