I simultaneously upgraded to 10.6.3 whilst adding a Netgear Stora device. I run 2 macs off my wireless network. My Imac has lost all use of the Dashboard widgets - they display, but when you click on any of them - just get din noise.

Also when trying to access landing page for the stora device either by typing network iP or via www.mystora.com - the page loads, but it is BLANK. It has black background, Netgear logo in top left corner but nothing else. If the address is, I can flick to page etc and I can see a change in the page template ( Boxes, bullets etc ) - BUT ABSOLUTELY NO TEXT !

Strangely I regularly use google analytics and have noticed a similar thing with their dashboad. If i place mouse over graph - speach bubble appears but no text displayed.

I could be clutching at straws here with linking the two - but does anyone else have a similar experience ? Any ideas ?