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    Software Update problem
    When I try to install new software updates from the Software Update option, I end up with an error saying that the compressor update could not install because it was tampered with or corrupt. It gets to expanding and verifying the compressor update but always gives me the same error message, I've tried everything and this problem has remained for over five months and now I'm sick of it, as I can't update any of my other software because this one specific compressor update always results in an error before the other updates can even be downloaded. Anyone experiencing this, or familiar with my situation? I'm in need of serious enlightenment.

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    Please tell use what Mac computer and version of the OS you have? If the Software Updater is not working then you can manually download the updates from Apple's website. Write down the updates that the Updater is telling you to get and then match them from Apple's website.

    If you are updating the OS itself then it's best to use the combo updater and update to the latest version of the OS. The combo update includes all the previous updates so it will save you some time. What updates are you trying to install?

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    ....apparently the "compressor" updates.

    Anybody know what those are?

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    I was assuming that the OP gave the wrong description when he/she was talking about a compressor update. I also have never heard of a compressor update. I guess we will have to wait for a replay from kawlo.

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