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    Unhappy Imac issues, and I want my data
    Ok here goes. My imac has been suffering from issues for the last while, no real reason to start up that i can see. I suspect the harddrive might be failing, so I have it in target mode right now, and have it hooked to my MacBook Pro. I'm trying to get my data and pictures off the imac, so I can try a new install to see if this will fix the issues. If it doesn't fix it, well then I know it is the harddrive.

    I'm trying to copy 2 separate user's (from the imac) iphoto library onto my external HD (connected by USB 2.0), but when they are accessed they open the iphoto library off of the MBP.

    How can I preserve my photo's so I don't loose them?

    Also, when I copy any documents onto the external HD from the imac i get an error stating I do not have priviledges to read or write the file (which I should). Most of the files are word/excel files.

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    I should add that I've tried to load the imac in safe mode, and it stalls.

    I tried to boot it in verbose mode, but I got a grey do not enter sign right after the apple.

    I can get it to boot in target mode only.

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    You say in your first post that "when they are accessed they open the iphoto library off of the MBP". How are you trying to gain access to the photos that you're trying to transfer? Drag and drop should not open iPhoto, only if you 2x-click an image icon.

    Even if iPhoto on the MBP *does* open, transferring the photos to your MBP - and thence to the external hard drive - is an operation using Finder. You can do the transfer with iPhoto in the background.

    [Note: I know that if I insert my photo card via reader into the USB port, iPhoto opens. I cannot stop that - very irritating. However, I can still transfer photos from the card to the Mac after quitting iPhoto. Perhaps you could try that.]
    Please post your Mac (or other) specs and MacOS version in your post, your profile or your signature. It helps us to help you better.

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