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miketblack 05-05-2010 09:40 PM

what is this PSSD on my desktop? iBook G4
i have a 2005 iBook G4 1.33ghz 12" 60gb hdd.

on my desktop, i have 1 icon for my HDD that is titled " iBook" and i also have a HDD icon titled "PSSD". what is this?

if i "get info" for the PSSD it says it hold 1gb, with 991mb free, and shows nothing on that drive. i recently bought this ibook used 2 months back( my first mac) and i erased EVERYTHING and reloaded os X, and its there still. it wont go away and i dont know what to do with it. anybody know?


86Apex 05-06-2010 07:48 AM

Go into Disk Utilities, select your drive, the one that says 60GB, not the partitions listed under it. Select the partitions tab. If there's two partitions then you'll have to back up your OS X partition, boot from the installation disc, go into Disk Utilities, and repartition the drive as one whole partition. Then continue with the OS X installation and transfer all your old files back.

Boybland 05-07-2010 01:15 AM

You might be able to just delete that partition and extend the remaining one if the OS is on the first partition on the drive, you will certainly be able to delete just the offending partition and leave the space it used (1GB by the looks) as empty space, a waste perhaps but it should work without needing a reinstall.

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