Hi all,

Been a Mac user for eons (well, decades, anyway) and I'm finding myself stumped. I did look for similar threads and found things along the same line sort of, but they did not address my specific questions, which are:

1) Finder weirdness: Today I came into work and logged in to my Mac. Outside of one existing Admin account or someone who uses my password to start up my computer (which can happen, as it's company policy), as far as I know no one was on my computer from the time I left work yesterday till this morning. Usually what happens after I see my desktop and clock icons, etc., is that two network drives automatically mount and show their icons on my desktop. This morning, however, they never showed up, so I went to connect to server (command-K), mounted one volume, and no icon. Long story shorter, turns out that I am connected to both network drives, just the icons didn't appear on my desktop as they normally do.

2) Finder/search weirdness: I have different items under 'PLACES' in any given window's sidebar. Normally I will click on a 'Place', say a folder called 'Spec Diagrams', then if type in what I'm looking for in the spotlight looking window at the top, it will search the contents of 'Spec Diagrams'.

Problem A: Today, after doing everything noted previously, let's say I type in a file named 12345. As soon as I do that, the Search bar changes from 'Spec Diagrams' to 'This Mac', and I have to click again on 'Spec Diagrams' to actually search where I was trying to in the first place.

Problem B: Another issue I've had since the git-go is that when I type in a file name to search in a particular location, it always defaults to 'Contents', not 'File Name'. I very, very seldom want to search contents (.1% of the time) and usually always want to search file names (99.9% of the time). Is there a way to choose 'File Name' to be the default setting?

If I haven't described things well, please let me know and I'll clarify. Thanks!

Mac Pro (Intel)
OS X 10.6.3