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teejd 05-05-2010 09:03 AM

Partition HDD into 3 parts
Hey guys,

Getting my Macbook pro very soon and looking to separate it into three partitions straight away.

So when i get it assuming osx is installed i want to create another partition of about 45gb for windows 7, make the current install of osx partion 45gb, and have the remaining harddrive space set to files(NTFS??).

Can any one help explain to me what to do easily?

I guess I'm confused right from the beginning of how to shrink the current partion, or in what step to do things.

Is this possible?

Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong section O:)

chscag 05-05-2010 01:47 PM

You don't need three partitions. This is not Windows. Start thinking "Mac".

If you want Windows 7 on your new MBP, you can use Boot Camp to create a partition for that. Depending on how many Windows apps or games you have, you can direct Boot Camp to create a partition large enough to accommodate all of it. Windows 7 has to be installed using the NTFS file system anyway.

Leave the remainder of your hard drive for OS X. If you wish to read and write to the Windows partition from OS X or vice versa from Windows 7 to OS X, there is third party software that can be installed which will allow you to go back and forth. Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.X can actually read and write to NTFS but it's not turned on by default. We can show you how to turn it on after you buy your MBP.

Another alternative to sharing data between OS X and Windows would be to purchase a large external hard drive. Some externals are still being formatted to FAT-32 which is common to both OS X and Windows.


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