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crakton 05-04-2010 11:36 PM

downgrade to leopard
i recently bought an torq conectiv, an mp3 to vinyl converter, but it is not compatible with my OSX, 10.6.3, so i think i might have to downgrade to 10.5.8.

what im wondering is if i downgrade how it will affect my laptop, will any info get distorted or lost?

And also i need to find out how to change from snow leopard to leopard once ive acquired the new OSX?

Slydude 05-05-2010 12:23 AM

Which Mac are you using? Not sure if the newest ones boot under leopard since they probably shipped with 10.6. Frankly, IMHO trying to "downgrade" the OS is usually a pain. If you have an external drive and a Leopard disc the easiest solution would be to load Leopard onto the external drive and boot from there. I usually keep a drive around that is one OS revision back just for these kinds of problems.

BTW using this method selecting the older OS is as simple as choosing that drive in the startup preference pane. you could also power up/restart while holding down the option key.

EndlessMac 05-05-2010 12:50 AM

Crakton, are you sure there is not an update to the torq conectiv software that will make it work on Snow Leopard? You should check the company's website. Also it sounds like you haven't even tried installing it yet to see if it will work in Snow Leopard. Once it's installed run the update feature and see if you will get an update.

Most of my Leopard applications worked when I upgraded to Snow Leopard or there was a free update from the software company to make it work in Snow Leopard.

Also if you don't already have Leopard then for the price of buying it you can probably get a used Mac with Leopard on it already. It depends on how fast you need the computer to be. Just another option for you because downgrading will be a pain because you will have to backup all your data do a clean install and then reinstall and transfer everything over. This is also assuming you have an older computer that supports Leopard. I've been told Macs can't go lower than the OS they originally came with. I've never downgraded myself so I can't say if that is true or not.

crakton 05-05-2010 02:06 AM

same swivelled
ive a macbook pro 2.53 Ghz.i bought this mac last august and im pretty sure i had 10.5.8 on when i got it..

if i was to save leopard on a hard drive how would i go about booting to leopard from the drive?

i have checked up the companies site and tried to download the driver for 10.5.8 but when it and restart my mac theres no trace of the driver on my mac and besides i remember reading somewhere on the site that snow leopard is not compatible with the software..

Slydude 05-05-2010 02:28 AM

Load Leopard onto the external hard drive along with the software that you want to run. Once that is complete you can switch from Snow Leopard to Leopard by doing either of the following:

1. Open the Startup Disk preference pane, select the OS you want to use, then choose Restart. or

2. Start or Restart the Mac and hold down the Option key. Continue to hold it down until your hard drives appear on the screen. Select the drive you wish to use then choose Enter/Return.

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