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    Can you remote access if the lid is closed?
    Please don't shoot me if this is a dumb question but I'm using LogMeIn for all my remote operations. Does anyone know if SL has a setting that will allow me to access my Mac even if the lid is closed?

    If not, I guess the only other alternative is to leave it up and tell it to sleep after a while. I currently have it set to never sleep with power supply on.

    Thoughts? Thanks!
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    I don't think it matters if you leave your machine in clamshell mode or not. As long as it wakes up when you remotely log in, you should be OK. It's the same as operating the machine with an external monitor and keeping the lid down. I do that all the time at home.

    Anyway, you probably should do a test run to make sure.


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    If you're extra paranoid about it working, you can install something like InsomniaX, which will allow the machine to continue running when the clamshell is closed.

    Also, I'm not sure entirely how much activity there is on the computer being used remotely (I've only used it Mac>Windows, and I've never observed the remotely accessed machine while accessing it), but you'll want to keep heat in mind. Much of the heat is vented through the keyboard/topcase (differs a bit model to model, but not much). This isn't a major concern really, as the computer will just shut down if it gets too hot, but you might want to consider a good venting stand.
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