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    Mac Updates - Extension Needed
    Hey All

    I've been working on my Proxy Server today (Squid), and I've found a great thread on how to cache windows updates on the server so that multiple machines don't have to use extra bandwidth for the same information.

    I'd like to do the same thing with my Mac's but I can't seem to find the appropriate extensions for the files.

    refresh_pattern*\.(cab|exe) 4320 100% 43200 reload-into-ims
    Here is a pattern that caches the windows updates to the proxy server

    I'm trying to do this same thing for Mac updates, but I don't know the file extensions.
    refresh_pattern*\.(*) 4320 100% 43200 reload-into-ims
    (note the .(*) is not ideal because it will cache everything)

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    Apple makes their combo updates available as a disk image, such as here:
    Mac OS X v10.6.2 Update (Combo)

    The extension would be .dmg. You could probably add .pkg to your list of extensions.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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