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Thread: Help with Safari 4.05 - no images!

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    Question Help with Safari 4.05 - no images!
    Hi, everyone, I am new to this forum. Have owned my MacPro for about 6 months (LOVE IT!) - today I developed a problem with Safari: first most of the TOP SITES preview images disappeared... after I tried to fix that by resetting, I now get no images on any website that I go to through safari (except the NYT)... when I go to same site via Firefox, I see the images! Can anyone help me fix this?


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    How did you do that reset?
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    Hi Janine:

    Welcome to the Mac forums!

    As louishen points out, you may have inadvertently removed all your Top Sites images when you did the reset. Select reset again from the Safari preferences menu and take close note of all the selections. Always remember to remove the check marks from those actions you wish NOT to be implemented.

    To restore your images, you'l have to setup Top Sites again.


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    Do u have these selected?

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