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Thread: ftp agida

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    ftp agida
    done tons of homework on this but still having problem
    my network has 2 machines called mac and octane
    i want to transfer a file from mac to octane--i can ping both machines
    i have in system pref enable ftp
    i have a folder on my home called all
    i have given this folder privileges i hope that will allow uses to download files
    i have a file in it, all so in my shared folder and my drop box

    when i set up sharing the dialog box says users can access my ip using aft, ftp or what i believe was a domain name type of thing
    what is it
    i think it was
    peterlener is the name of m y homedirectory

    is right?

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    FTP is not what you want to use if both computers are on the same network.

    Are both computers running OSx?

    If they are, go to system pref / sharing and enable sharing then select the select the folder that you want to share. At that point when you go to finder you will see the other computer in finder and should be able to open it and see the shared folder.

    If one is a windows box, you have to enable sharing on the Windows computer then share the folder that you want to share (right click properties) then use SAMBA to connect to that folder on the windows machine.

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