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    How can I make tiger automatically connect to my file server?
    I have a Buffalo NAS with several shared drives in it, and I'd like to have every single computer in the network auto-connecting to it on startup.

    How can I do that?

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    Go to System Preferences, Accounts, Login Items, click the plus button, then navigate to the computer that you would like to be networked at startup, and add it to the list.

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    In theory it's the perfect solution, but the problem is that it tries to connect *before* having the network up and running. Is there a way of having some sort of delay before it tries to connect?

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    This may or may not be the answer for you,....

    What I do is this -

    1. Mount the shares that you want, adding the user and pass to the keychain
    2. Make a folder in users home dir called Network and drag to the dock
    3. Use the Finder menu Go > Go to Folder type in /Volumes
    4. In the /Volumes window select the Network share mounts and hit cmd + L
    5. Drag the Aliases to the users home network folder you created.

    They won't try to mount on startup but will be responsive when accessed since they are in the key chain. They can also be accessed quickly using a (single button mouse) ctrl + click in the dock.

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