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    Unhappy Problem with 10.4.11 on G4 PowerBook
    Heres the deal, I have the above mentioned computer it has a 1.33 GHz Power PC processor and 768 of RAM.

    Has been working fine for about a month of owning it, bought it used from PowerMax.

    All of a sudden today it became very slow, restarted it and it wouldn't go past the gray apple logo screen.

    I booted it up in safe mode and eventually the desktop appeared, but everything, every action and click is painfully slow.

    I then zapped the PRAM, again desktop finally appears but still very slow. I managed to copy a few vital things to my flash drive at pretty much normal speeds, thought everything might be fine, then soon after everything is very slow again and I can hear the hard drive just cranking and cranking.

    Any more ideas on what could be wrong here or what I can do?

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    Did Powermax include the original Tiger install media with the machine? If so, run the Apple Hardware Test to see if there are any hardware problems. What you describe could be related to a failing hard drive or perhaps something else.


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    occurs plug

    A horrible squeal type noise began when I started it up again, I mean a seriously awful noise!

    I was able to shut it down after a few seconds of this horrid noise.

    Now it will start up make the initial mac startup chime noise and then just gray, no apple logo, just gray

    and if i put my ear on the bottom of the computer I can hear tiny little noises coming from the HD like it's trying to do something but can't.

    Luckily I still am under warranty from powermax, but has anyone heard this noise before and know what it is? I'm thinking its the hard drive?

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    Under warranty take it straight back today as it sounds like the hard drive is failing fast!

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