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Mmachine78 05-01-2010 08:43 AM

Restoring my Macbook Pro

I think i am going to be selling my macbook pro and was wondering what happens if i put it back to factory settings with regards to -
1) I have office 2008, can this be reinstalled and can i transfer it to the name of the person who buys it?
2) i have windows 7 on bootcamp, will this be affected and again can i transfer
this into the buyers name?
3) i have also bought a MacHeist bundle,if i restore will this wipe off the system and if so can i re-install it using the codes i have? again can this be transfered into the persons name ?

Then i have just got to figure out how much it is worth!

any help is much appreciated



chscag 05-01-2010 03:18 PM

Rule of thumb when selling your machine:

1. Wipe the hard drive clean with your original install media. Reinstall OS X and included applications from that same media.

2. Any software you wish to transfer to the new owner you must: Give them the original media and activation codes. (Do not keep copies for yourself.) Transfer the license (if required by EULA)

3. With regard to placing a value on your Mac, go here.


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