Hi there,

I'm on a Macbook Air, and have a mobile me account. I have OS X Leopard (not snow leopard).

I use the address book that came with my Mac, and it syncs nicely with my iPhone over mobileMe.

The other day, I decided to create a new smart group based on people who have a certain thing in their address label. It caused Address Book to crash. I left it for a while, but after a couple of hours the beachball was still whirring, so I force quit it. Now, when I open the Address book, all I get is a grey box, the size of the address book. There are still my group labels on the left, but I can't click on anything, and nothing works. I can still use my other programs in the background, so it's not crashing the whole system, but I can't view/add/edit any addresses or do anything in the address book. My iphone address book still works fine. I've restarted the computer several times, and resynced over mobile me too, but it simply won't work.

Any ideas how I can restore the address book? Unfortunately my Time Machine drive is broken, so that's not an option.

Help gratefully received!

Thank you.